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Family engagement behaviour support for families.

Unlock the power of effective family engagement and positive behaviour management with Family Engagement Training by Team Teach. Gain the skills and resources to overcome challenges, foster stronger relationships, and transform behaviour support for families. Team Teach's proven approach ensures lasting solutions that make a difference. Choose us to become the catalyst for positive change in your organisation and the families you work with.

We know one of the most significant areas in school life is Family Engagement, it can be one of the most challenging aspects of a teacher's day.

The subtle art of effectively communicating and supporting parents around sensitive areas such as behaviour can be fraught with pitfalls and anxiety on both sides of the table.

Family Engagement Training seeks to enhance the skills teachers have by offering training to support communication with families enabling discussion around the most sensitive topics, enabling staff to feel confident in their interaction and providing positive outcomes for all involved.

Delivered by our expert trainers with current experience supporting families, our 2-day facilitator course in behaviour support for families delivered either online or in person, equips individuals with an understanding of how the Team Teach approach to supporting behaviour can be shared with parents and carers through family workshops and My Family Coach resources.

This creates a shared understanding of behaviour as communication and supports families with effective strategies they can use at home.

The training explores the challenges and opportunities faced when working with families and how to create an effective programme of support and includes a family workshops package, resource library and a behaviour journal app that can be used to support ongoing family engagement.

Participants will work collaboratively to plan and present modules from the family workshops, sharing ideas and experience with the group.

Participants will receive:

  • A family workshop presentation slide deck
  • A package of supporting resources for delivering family workshops
  • Access to a library of resources and journal app

Who is this course for:

Anyone who works directly with parents and carers would benefit from this course which explores ways to work effectively with families to support their child’s behaviour. This course is also suitable for senior leaders looking to develop family engagement and positive behaviour support for families at an organisational level.


Who are Team Teach?

We provide schools, alternative provision, education and health and social care settings with award-winning, accredited training in de-escalation and positive behaviour support training to reduce incidents of disruption and help you create a positive behaviour culture in your organisation. Please contact us any time to discuss your training needs.


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