Create positive behaviour cultures in your organisation.

Share Knowledge.

Create Connections.

Reduce Risk.


Team Teach Connect combines award-winning training and development with a comprehensive package of pre and post-training support, practical resources, and the latest insights in behaviour support.

Ensuring that you have everything you need to create positive behaviour cultures in your organisation.

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You Said... We Listened

You told us you wanted to feel more connected to us and each other, as your Team Teach training is just the beginning of deepening your knowledge and embedding a consistent, whole-organisation approach to behaviour within your setting. 

Team Teach Connect combines award-winning training and development with a comprehensive package of pre and post-training support, with the Knowledge Hub providing on-demand access to a wealth of practical and inspirational resources including in-depth articles, eBooks, videos, templates, newsletters and best practice advice, all created by our leading experts in behaviour support.

Top 5 Ways, You'll Benefit From Team Teach Connect

Number 1 (1)

Maintain the highest standards of professional practice.

Broaden your knowledge of behaviour beyond what is covered in a training course. Elevate your professional skills between reaccreditation training.


Number 2 (1)

Have the Support of Your Own Personal Trusted Expert.

Get personalised guidance for your behaviour challenges with our Support Service. With Team Teach, you'll have a dedicated expert by your side.


Number 3-2

Get advice and guidance anytime, anywhere, at your fingertips.

24/7 access to continuous support, helping you embed a consistent, whole-organisation approach to behaviour and reducing risk in your setting.


Number 4-2

Stay in the know and be confident!

Stay informed and confident with the latest updates in legislation and best practice, guaranteeing that your professional standards are always at their highest in your setting.


Number 5-1

Feel Connected.

Have the support of the Connect global community of over 200,000 behaviour practitioners. Join live and online events, hear from experts in behaviour support, and build connections with other professionals in your area.


Questions or want to find out more?  

Call +44 (0) 20 3746 0938 or email

But that's not all, with Connect we are transforming the way we work with you.

Team Teach Connect also provides access to our new innovative training management system, making it easy for organisations to track, book and manage all their Team Teach training.

Our digital first approach reduces paper forms, improves data security, whilst also saving users time.


Course Builder and Training Management Tools. 

Enabling seamless course creation and participant management, including valuable feedback and certification, all with ease and efficiency.


Course Builder


Training Co-ordinator Tool and Organisation Dashboard

Easily schedule and organise training while effortlessly accessing your team's certificates and training records.


Organisation Dashboard


Training Resources Area

Provides trainees with immediate access to a comprehensive range of support materials tailored specifically for their courses.

Connect Resource Area


Digital Certificates

Digital certificates can be easily accessed and shared, elevating the credibility of users' accomplishments and streamlining the certification process.

Digital Certificates

The Knowledge Hub offers a wealth of practical and inspirational world-class resources and best practice advice.

All created by leading experts in behaviour support and facilitating hours of ongoing CPD opportunities for your team.

Knowledge Hub


The Team Teach Connect Knowledge Hub

As a certified Team Teach member, you gain access to our Knowledge Hub, which offers a wealth of resources, tools, and support to help you understand behaviour, de-escalate situations, reduce risk, and build supportive relationships.

Training is just the beginning of your behaviour support journey and embedding a whole organisation approach.

Knowledge Hub Blog Example


Hours of CPD content.

On-demand access in the palm of your hand, to the latest content and continuous learning opportunities. The Knowledge Hub helps individuals stay informed, enhance their skills, and connect with the wider Team Teach community. You can be confident that your team are up-to-date with the latest guidance and best practice from Team Teach.


Knowledge Hub Podcast Example


Podcasts, Videos, Blogs, and so much more.

With a variety of content available, the possibilities for continuous learning are endless. Unlock a world of resources that can help you enhance your skills and stay ahead in your area of expertise.


Take a peak at our Knowledge Hub content

Peace of mind with Connect Support Service. Dedicated help available for you whenever you need it!

Support Service Process
Support Service How can we Help

How can we help?

Complete our enquiry form with as much detail as possible. Our friendly team can help with:

  • Training needs, such as clarifying skills and approaches to behaviour support.

  • Exploring particular needs around an individual you support, which may lead to consultancy support.

  • Technical support, such as clarifying physical techniques, reporting incidents, or risk assessment.

Support Service What Happens Next


What happens to your enquiry?

After receiving your enquiry form, our team will carefully assess your needs and determine the most suitable expert to assist you.

Rest assured, one of our highly skilled behaviour specialists will promptly reach out to you to address your enquiry and provide the necessary support.


So What Happens Next?

How much does it cost?

We’ve conducted extensive research and worked hard with our community to create an offering that supports our community’s needs at an affordable price.

Team Teach Connect will be delivered alongside our training packages from the 1st January 2024, costing just £200 (+VAT)  per setting, per year, with a 25% discount offered in the first year. 

As this is a per setting charge, every Team Teach certified individual in a setting can access Team Teach Connect.

How will we roll it out?

Access is free to Team Teach Connect to everyone who holds a current certificate until the 31st August 2024, or until new training is completed.

We’re sharing the news with our wider Team Teach community over the coming weeks, and we'll be in touch this winter to invite our current customers and trained individuals to join the platform.

We are dedicated to building upon the value we have delivered over the past two decades to support everyone in our Team Teach community. 

Questions or want to find out more?  

Call +44 (0) 20 3746 0938 or email

With Team Teach Connect, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are upholding exceptional professional standards while safeguarding the welfare of those under your care.
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